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    Ultrahocheffizienter Dreiphasen-Asynchronmotor der Serie YE3
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    2019-09-01 19:30:29

   YE3 series ultra-high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor of our company implements GB/T 28575 "YE3 series (IP55) ultra-high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor technical conditions (seat number 80-355)" standard. The efficiency index meets GB18613 "energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency level of small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motor" standard of level 2 energy efficiency (energy saving evaluation). Value). This series of motors are high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection motors. They have the characteristics of low operating cost, low vibration, low noise and high reliability. They are suitable for driving all kinds of mechanical equipment without special requirements.

      This series of motors have rated voltage 380V, rated frequency 50Hz, protection grade IP55, cooling mode IC411, F-class insulation, full load temperature rise according to B-class assessment, and can operate continuously in the environment of not more than 1000 meters above sea level, temperature-15 ~40 . Our company can also design and manufacture motors of various voltages, frequencies and installation modes, such as 220V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 660V voltage, 60Hz frequency, above 1000 meters and other special requirements of ultra-high efficiency motors.

       Our company is willing to work hand in hand with the vast number of users to actively achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and jointly create a green society.



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