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After the storm, it is a rainbow - remember to participate in the Hannover Industry Exhibition
2019-01-09 16:57:39

Our company went to Germany to participate in the Hannover Industrial Exhibition. Affected by the international financial crisis, the number of exhibitors and visitors visited was not much, reflecting the current economic situation. This time, our company rented a standard booth of 9 square meters. With the brand advantage of “Meng Niu” and the expansion of Hengshui Motor in overseas markets for many years and our full preparation, we have achieved gratifying results at the exhibition. During the exhibition, we received 86 batches of new and old customers and received more than 100 customer cards. It is one of the most popular exhibitors of the same kind in China. After screening 20 new customers who have become the focus of tracking. What is more gratifying is that on the second day of the exhibition, the Italian customers have clearly defined the cooperation intentions of the two parties. Several new customers are also interested in purchasing our products, and some said they will visit our company. The Italian company has placed an order and is currently organizing production.

   After the storm, it is a rainbow. At the moment when the global economy is weak, our company participated in the Hannover Fair, showing our company's strength and confidence to new and old customers, further eliminating some of our old customers' doubts about us, but also firm. Confidence in the export work of our company. After the exhibition, the number of new inquiry requests from the International Department increased significantly every day. We will seize the opportunity and do a good job tracking the customers after the exhibition.


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